The Sidewalk Brand Engenders Authenticity and Possibility.

It speaks with an honest voice, utilizing a rare combination of the Protector and Rebel archetypes. We built the Sidewalk brand around a tranquil sense of “home”. It invites the customer to imagine their dream home and all the possibilities that accompany such a life change while also provoking the desire to buck the system.



We chose our colors to evoke both an inviting hominess and professional reliability. The Teal Blue asks the customer to imagine while the True Blue reinforces the stability of Sidewalk’s service. 



Going Against the Current.

The biggest challenge that Sidewalk faces is going against traditional real estate. Selling a house is complicated by design, and Sidewalk seeks to streamline the process while putting control back in the hands of the homeowner. Overcoming this challenge required creating a brand that utilizes the sense of security that a home provides to appeal to a cord-cutter demographic wanting to save money. We achieved this fusion by focusing on the sense of place.

The One Thing


Does this make us a better alternative to the current real estate industry?



Making That Sense of Home More Inclusive

The logo asks us to reconsider our assumptions. We chose color accordingly to evoke a sense of belonging. We design using rectangular elements for a clean and clutterless impression. Icons are rounded. Each graphic is straight to the point.