High End Graphic Design



Edify is the gold standard of THC edibles.

The One Thing


Edify is a luxury THC product, and we built this brand image using several techniques. We have crafted this brand with the voice of the Emperor archetype. The Emperor seeks exclusivity, he wants the best and expects the royal treatment from his brands.

Visual Identity


The Emperor Is in the Details.

The emperor wants the best product, highest quality and an exclusive price. With intricate patterning, gold foil wrapping, and seemingly engraved lettering on the matte packaging, we demonstrate the attention to detail that the Emperor wants.



The Emperor Is in the Details.

The website guides you point by point through each of the product’s strengths. We made the decision to minimize distractions, limiting our view to one image at a time. This singular focus and emphasis on texture immerse the viewer into the product. Our goal for the website was to stay true to the tag, “Simply Elevated”.