Frank has transformed the CBD Plus brand from supplement surplus store to a lifestyle product.

The CBD Plus brand is synonymous with holism, wellness, and the “purist” archetype mindset. Purists look for natural alternatives, and it is our job to show them that CBD Plus offers what they’re seeking.



Unifying a Brand and Creating Trust

The two biggest challenges came from unifying all the parts into one holistic voice and creating customer trust about an unknown product. We overcame these challenged by shifting the color palette from bright, attention-grabbing, almost neon colors to more soothing and calm tones; shifting tone from a negative to positive.

The brand’s old photography used darker tones and lighting while reflecting either mood and distraught or unrelatable imagery.

Our new photography uses a high white balance and aspires to uplift our audience. It’s not trying to be high fashion. It showcases positive, everyday lifestyles.

The One Thing


Does this improve quality of life for our patients?.



In order to cement CBD Plus’s place in the industry as a trust-worthy hemp marketplace, we focused on the details.

  • Flattening the logo. We reduced the colors in the logo, making it easier on the eyes. This change provides a calming effect.
  • We shifted our hero color to match the colors used in the interior of the stores. Unifying and simplifying the color scheme.
  • Education. Education-first marketing tells the customer exactly what they are buying. Honesty builds trust.
  • Decluttering the product images allow us to direct focus.

Maggie’s story encapsulates the whole of the brand in sixty seconds. The video demonstrates CBD Plus’s focus on community and its identity as a lifestyle brand that prioritizes helping others.



Our partnership with CBD Plus is an ongoing project. We are continuously building the brand with each project and campaign we put out.